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Vote Kuassa Amplifikation One for the best VST guitar amp/effect modelling plug-in

Kuassa Amplification One

Kuassa, Inc. is proud to announce the immediate availability of Kuassa Amplifikation One. Kuassa Amplifikation One is a guitar amp modelling software which finally help you to create realistic guitar tones and build great tracks immediately without any obstructive workflow or confusing parameters to handle with.

Kuassa Amplifikation One is a guitar amp modelling software. This “guitar amp on your PC” captures the dynamics and characteristics of hardware distortion modules, head amplifiers, and cabinets, captured by various types of microphones in multiple configurations. Kuassa Amplifikation One is not an emulation or modeled after specific amplifier, we try to capture the best aspect of schematic designs, tubes, electronics and computer programming to achieve the supreme tone for your guitar through your personal computer while maintaining the user interface as easy as possible.

Users are able to control every aspects of the software just like real guitar amplifiers including (but not limited to) gain structure, tone, mic position, and distance.

Stop messing around with your gears, get productive!

Coutersy from http://www.kuassa.com/

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#2 project is a project we did in 2 hours. The definition of #2 Project is what you can do in 2 hours with your music software. The project is not a race or to find out who is more powerful, this project aims only to prove that we can create something unexpected in just 2 hours. So within 2 hours of you making music without pegged to the genre that you struggled or other purposes. In 2 hours you are freeing ourselves in the creating process to complete.

For all of you who are interested to join the #2 Project can immediately start anytime, anywhere, and it’s up to you, the important thing is you should be honest with your work that was made in 2 hours. And the music uploaded in SoundCloud and send the link to email: ishaqharisyogaswara (at) gmail (dot) com. Or twitter using tags #2project as well as mention @openlabs_bdg or @botfvck

#2 project adalah sebuah projek yang kami lakukan dalam waktu 2 jam. Yang dimaksud #2 Project adalah apa yang bisa anda lakukan dalam waktu 2 jam dengan software musik anda. Projek ini bukan sebuah lomba atau untuk mencari siapa yang lebih hebat, projek ini hanya bertujuan untuk membuktikan bahwa kita bisa membuat sesuatu yang diluar perkiraan hanya dalam waktu 2 jam. Jadi dalam waktu 2 jam anda membuat musik yang tanpa terpatok dengan genre yang kalian geluti atau tujuan lainya. Dalam 2 jam anda membebaskan diri dalam proses pembuatan sampai selesai.

Bagi teman – teman yang berminat bergabung di #2 Project bisa langsung memulai kapan saja, dimana saja, dan terserah anda, semuanya yang penting anda jujur pada karya anda bahwa itu dibuat 2 jam. Dan musiknya di upload di soundcloud dan mengirim linknya ke email : ishaqharisyogaswara(at)gmail(dot)com . Atau twitter dengan menggunakan hashtag #2 serta mention @openlabs_bdg atau @botfvck

#2Project by Botfvck

#2Project by Munireng

#2Project by Parametic Delay

#2Project by Arnim

#2Project by Egalesmana

#2Project by Rizki Suciana

#2Project by Blue Albatros

#2Project by Tito Armando / Armando dan Fauna

#2project by Fadzcandrai

Click here for more sounds #2Project

EIDT will perform at Mosaic Music Festival, Singapore


one of our best duo from openlabs finally got a chance to play at Mosaik music festival in singapore. http://www.mosaicmusicfestival.com/2011/microsite/ms_anamoura.html

congratulation guys

listen for their latest upcoming single : Sidechain by Europe in de Tropen on SoundCloud


workshop ini akan membicarakan mengenai produksi dasar musik khususnya musik elektronik dengan menggunakan software bernama ableton.

Mengapa ableton?karena software ini banyak sekali digunakan oleh musisi akhir akhir ini.selain karena mudah dipergunakan,software ini memiliki multifungsi baik untuk keperluan live performance,arrangement,ataupun keperluan eksperimental.

Disini akan dibicarakan membuat drum,pad dengan menggunakan instrumen yang ada dalam ableton,penggunaan vst,serta merekam dari hardware seperti gitar.

Diharapkan dengan workshop ini,dapat memberikan pengetahuan bagi para pengikut workshop,sehingga mereka dapat memproduksi lagu walaupun dengan peralatan sederhana..

Common Room
Sabtu, 27 November 2010, Pk. 15.00 – selesai
*Pendaftaran silahkan hubungi Ranti di +62222503404 pada jam kerja.


APA INI APA ITU? @ Common Room, Bandung, 23 oct 2010

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All photos taken by Blindhaed